“I AM”

I am a little girl with a big God, a big dream and a big thirst for a grand future.
you can pin me down, cage me behind those walls of hatred but still like a roaring lion i break through, ruling like a queen in her jungle I am unstoppable.
I am boldness in human form.
The envy you can’t get over
The fake lies and hate speech that falls on deaf ears because I am a sensation of Elegance.
It hurts you cuz the hatred burns yet lightens up my shine, my glow, my sparkle.
That scowl on your face can’t dim this soul’s light.
The stumbling blocks you throw at me trying to bring me down, but I leap, I keep steady, go deep, take a peep at the heap of success that awaits me at the peak.
I am that pen that never stops writing.
Igniting the fire within, I keep fighting, rewriting, and sighting the greater end that awaits.
I am a body of United words speaking truth yet seeking to be heard
A smile next a cry yet I rise.
From the ashes of Burnt dreams reincarnated and formed to a stronger and more determined version of vision I have.
I am that purpose without a timeline.
I align with the baseline of a structured dream of greatness indescribable.
I self-prescribe an inevitable success exclusively meant for me.
I am the next headline with the caption “record broken”, “unraveled mystery”, “history written” with the power of my pen.
I am writing my way to history cuz I’m telling HIS story and everywhere that I go I shine in HIS glory because I am ROYALTY.

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