life is a book.
a book that tells of a journey of thousand miles on a rough, sometimes smooth road.
a journey of experience and consecutive events unfolding.
a journey with an apocalyptic end.
and the snippets are the constancy of passion that drives you on that road.
The “ultimate source” gives us strength to carry on.
and though sometimes we get a conniption of the twist, its always a habitual mystery.
we pay tributes to the ones done with their journey successfully…….and then we fill the “blank pages” of ours with stories worth telling a thousand times.
we write down the story of this journey we are on. and each event that unfolds. either creates a climax or an anticlimax.
summing up to a story that was written down basically by our decisions.
we choose what we write down on this “blank pages”.
day by day designing our decisive destiny with doggedness.
This journey is a story written on the ” blank pages” of life.


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