Guilty pleasures

Cut it off!
All lies!
Stop this pretence under this defense the only context of words you seem to compel me with.
It's bad but it's good
It's wrong but it's right
Your not supposed to do it, but your not supposed to trip either
It's the gaslighting for me!
You act like you care, and make me compare the obvious.
It's not like I'm oblivious of the fact that it's temporary.
It's temporary, but permanently creates a contemporary image in my mind.
Stop with the contemplating!
But why do I still want you to consider it anyway??
You made this image
And now it doesn't seem to fade......
Maybe I didn't erase it.
Clear up this deck, pick up new cards.
I need to play well to erase this scars
But why do I still have doubts??

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