Why I write

Writing is a form of expressing one’s thoughts on a paper……at least that’s how I can simply define it. Through the years, writing has become an essential part of everyone’s life we write in school, we come back home and there is always one or two occasions that requires you to pick up that pen😄

But writing goes deeper than that in my case…..I mean not the regular English composition or the long history notes were used to writing Back then at school.This art reflects more in my life.writing to me is a passion, a way of pouring out my heart and not leaving anything behind, even though it’s offensive 🤭. writing is an avenue to renew my self, it’s a medium I use to express my thoughts, emotions and ideas.

I write to let others know how I feel about a particular topic. to share Innovative ideas that can possibly change the world… Like I always dreamt of. I write because it’s part of me and hopefully people would see through the reality and originality in me and like what I do…..I mean, am definitely not the best and am not perfect but with every word that comes out of this beautiful soul is a ray of hope for the hopeless, a sense of humor for the angry birds🤭, and the bitter truth you might be running away from. And all this soul needs and desires most is for her to be heard and appreciated 😊.




  1. I feel the same! I have a love affair and a passion for writing and have since the age of six. I love the expression and the journey my writing allows me and takes me.

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    1. Jgiziya says:

      It’s such an amazing way of letting yourself be who you wanna be……I mean you can be anything through writing…..there’s just no limitations to your expressions.

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      1. 😇so true, I love that!

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