Left to ponder 2

Left to ponder
About why am not the one with the Golden thunder
About why I have to die to feel important
About so many reasons why I have a purpose.
Left to ponder about why I can't see the heavens in my eyes without a mirror.
About so many known but unknown mysteries of life.
About why I have to take certain risks to be recognized.
Left to ponder on some questions that constantly drown my soul in wonder
Do I make a difference?
Am I gonna make that dream come true?
Is anyone reading this?
Maybe if dreaming big on a global perspective was a crime, then my mind wouldn't have to be constantly clouded with ideas, and my soul won't be drowned in wonder as am constantly left to ponder.


Left to ponder 1

Left to ponder
Lonely in my room
And deep within because of the thoughts that broke my mind
It's as if I have lived this world before I was born
It's as if I was a god, now in a human body.
So I wonder why,
Why I was left to tremble
Why I was left with many unanswerd questions.
Why I was left on the undiscovered part of the mystery.
Am I living the right life?
Am I on the destined track?
These are constant pop up questions in my head, as am constantly left to ponder.


Clear from a distance at a distant time
Coming closer and gaining a blurred vision
Certainty and confidence lost in a blink of an eye
Doubt and depression slowly sliding in
Tryna pull myself together and focus but constantly being drawn back by a feeling of uncertainty, the sudden fear of the unknown
Why this fear factor?
A Sub entity tryna pull down this whole entity.


We all vary as individuals.
Ranging from our names, origin, gender, race, religion, personality, and the rest.
But that shouldn’t in anyway determine our destination in life, that should only be what distinguishes us and makes us peculiar. I strongly believe that there should be no hindrance or limitations to our success because of the traits we possess. That of all reasons is why I wage a strong disapproval for PREJUDICE.

Bias decisions are made continually which are hindering the growth of some individuals who really deserve a spot at the top. Dreams are shattered not because there isn’t enough talent or qualities required, but because of sudden and unreasonable decisions that were made



Nothing can be more worthy than guarding the virtues of our life. Nothing can be more dearer to us than our dreams “why we are here”. The goal should be to fly flags of joy. To sail a yacht powered by the breeze of love, with compassion in the air. To let heaven- on- earth be our destination.

Of things that will blot out our "treasures"
Anger invariable,
Anger is a thief,
Anger spreads calamity,
Anger raids us of our treasure box.

What causes anger??

Our perception of negativity,
Our constant ponder on things that do not bring joy to us, rather causes us to be troubled.
What goes on in our minds goes a long way in predicting our feelings.
As the popular saying goes....."as you think, so you feel".
The best antidote for life is to control what goes on in our minds.

Anger spreads toxic fumes. We should be pleased to spread love wherever we find ourselves, because where there is love, there peace will be.