“Crazy ain’t it?”

Phew!! It's crazy ain't it?, Who am I expecting to answer this..... 
Go on....you could call it being unserious, undetermined, unable to reach my goals, set my eyes on the gold that brightens up my future and nothing less, a quench for greatness....
But this soul has been glitched, downtrodden under the fist of self paranoia. Where every glimpse of greatness have been erased, not even an echo of all the encouragement that strives me on. From a distance I have a blurred vision, but coming closer with just a blink of an eye it has vanished like it was never there.......
Crazy ain't it?
Cuz everyone else sees it so clear as crystal
But I don't.....
I've been on a journey, of thousands miles in thousand ways treacherous. Could Sail through an ocean of possibilities but decided to buy a plane ticket.
Crazy ain't it?
Funny how my mind seems to paint a picture from a drop of unfiltered paint.
Funny how my visuals seems so clear but pictures a blurred version of reality....
Funny how I seem okay and the next moment I feel like a thousand tangled threads.... Unable to get straight.
So when I ask "crazy ain't it?"....... Don't worry it's not meant to be answered.
And one thing I really hope for is fuel to fire on
Burn down this jungle of self paranoia, tear off that page of limitations, and paint a clear picture from the most refined paint.
It's been "a journey"..... Literally.
And I might just tell you about it.

Hey! Just a drop of reassurance is all this soul needs….. Wanna hear about “the journey”?


Guilty pleasures

Cut it off!
All lies!
Stop this pretence under this defense the only context of words you seem to compel me with.
It's bad but it's good
It's wrong but it's right
Your not supposed to do it, but your not supposed to trip either
It's the gaslighting for me!
You act like you care, and make me compare the obvious.
It's not like I'm oblivious of the fact that it's temporary.
It's temporary, but permanently creates a contemporary image in my mind.
Stop with the contemplating!
But why do I still want you to consider it anyway??
You made this image
And now it doesn't seem to fade......
Maybe I didn't erase it.
Clear up this deck, pick up new cards.
I need to play well to erase this scars
But why do I still have doubts??

Someone who changed my life

Life has never been the same since from the start, because that person has been there from my scratch. Never left my side because we’re attached. The mere sight of us is a clear sight that we’re a match.

Of course there were rough patches and many lashes carried under the wings of love. There were bitter cries, many lies under ties, but at the end, I dry up my eyes and drink that coke as we joke around.

In numerous ways have there been an impact in my life through this person. Next to God, he is the back bone of my academic success, my very own personal tutor. My moral instructor, and by his words, the structure of my lifestyle is derived.

He is the most loving person I know. Willing to sacrifice any price to see me with a smile. I consider him my super Man, cos he’s always there for me.

Life can never be the same as long as he’s here with his super care. There can be no drop no matter the flop for the love I have for him.

He has changed my life in every possible way!

“it’s been forever”

They say nothing lasts forever
They say seasons change but I see no change in this season
I see no smile, no back up file for this main file, meanwhile....
The pain isn't getting extinguished
I thought this anguish will vanish
But since happiness was banished from this entity, I have lost my identity

This little girl filled with hope for the unseen but still finds herself in a loop to the unknown.

She strives to be the one, that "one" that could have won but none of these matter anymore........
They say nothing lasts forever!
But it's been forever!!!!!