She is danger craved for

she said everything would be fine
she said in a million years to come she would still choose the unexpected
she was such an easy to fall for type
she uses black magic
she confuse this one with her killer smile
she makes the crowd and “him” go crazy
she’s quite toxic, everyone “wants” her thinks they “need” her
until they realize her toxic fumes spreads and cripples
she isn’t to be loved or tampered with
she isn’t what she thinks of herself
and neither is she what others think of her.
she is danger craved for.



they said love doesn’t hurt
they said all good things about love
a word so complicated
a four letter word that forms a forum of complications
a love that cuts so deep
a love that hurts so bad
it’s love anyways but it’s different
it’s an experiencial emotional torture
but you keep yearning for more
oh! sweet pain
clearly piercing through but you embrace the pain and hope for a better tomorrow
and “uncertain tomorrow”
and though joy comes in the morning
sunrises day by day
but you keep waiting for the morning everything will seem just fine
it’s A Love so pure
but it’s a bleeding Love.


my art is a definition of “me”
my art is the deepest reflection of my feelings thoughts and emotions
my art doesn’t give an absolute substitute to who I am
but gives a dissolute version of me
my art defines the true, inner me,
the part you can only get to know through the lines
my art is deeply connected to my soul
it defines art and soul
my art is me.


my art is in its simplest form yet has a “well-depth” meaning
my diction is straight forward but get you self- pondering
my art might not be “vocabulary based” but its fact-based
hits deep down to rock bottom
reawakens that feeling you have become friends with for a long time
and might be therapeutic!
my art might not be considered “award-winning” but it’s soul winning
so look through this soul’s sincerity
and discover simplicity in its depth.


my art is expressionless
in its most expressive form yet speechless in a familiar voice
my art tells you what you know already
it opens up those bottled feelings yet finds it hard to put it to words
my art is here for you even in its silence
connect to these words and free up the pain hidden in your pride
my art is expressionless in the most expressive way.