if only I could put everything This Heart of mine feels into words,
but the little unsaid details are never determined by inabilities or reluctancy
but by the overdose of certainty and the power of few, unfiltered words that produces unseen lines between visible paragraphs
the unseen words that gets sensed so strong and obviously
the unsaid but familiar lines that forms a formidable and undiluted consent for pondering
things unsaid yet more vividly real.


everyday I open up my eyes and discovered that dreams and reality just don’t get along too well
but the truth is undeniable and regardless wishes aren’t horses
I breathe in and out a thought repeatedly. close my eyes and all I see is a reoccurring trail of plain wishes as impossible as a wet rock under the sun
and I could never settle for a defeat
cuz these exhales speaks truth in unspoken words only audible to us
with every breath I wish…..
unspeakable feelings sense within
and every time I look into the waters
I see a reflection of reality worth turning to dreams
or rather….. dreams worth turning into reality with each breath I take in, it’s an impossible plain wish.