Pretty girl

Pretty girl…..
A daughter,
A sister
Pretty girl…..
The fun, funny one,
The broke, sometimes rich one
Pretty girl…..
The big dreamer,
Pretty girl…..
The beauty goddess
Pretty girl…..
The most cherished cover girl,
The music lover,
The stereotype of knowledge,
The simple girl, hiding under the cliche of Fame
Pretty girl…..
Smile for the camera!!

The most beautiful feeling a writer could get is to be inspired by his or herself.

My poems are there😊



Progress is the act of moving forward
Progress is the acceleration of our success
The inbuilt optimism that pushes us to the top, not just that but the best of it!
The equivalent to this is a life filled with false hope but still being fueled by failure.
A raging desire to strive on even when the road isn't smooth at all.
A strong believe that impossibility is just an opinion that is accepted only by the weak souls. The ability to stand undefeated in the midst of unexpected challenges
Is the happiness that comes along with the triumph of doggedness. An insight to the true meaning of progress, causes us to wonder........
Is progress truly achievable?


My everyday prayer is to never be in a state of total give up, I mean, there are times you feel like giving up on everything, there are times you just feel like you’re not up to that standard, you feel like you can never be recognized, like all those dreams of yours are just superstitions, those times when you’re just a step away from giving up.

In times like these, the most powerful mindset you could adapt to is that of hope.

HOPE, they say is to want something to happen with a sense of expectation that it might. Or as I like to cut it short, HOPE is to be optimistic.

Being optimistic Even in the most seemingly impossible situation, having a positive mindset about every situations, be it good, or bad.

Having hope and positivity alone can trigger positive occurrences. Not only that, it gives you a pure sense of reassurance, which in turn gives you peace of mind.

Hope is what keeps you striving until that dream of yours turns to a reality worth being inspired by.

“me” is the constant!

It is always a wrong mentality to think that one’s personality can be changed or altered by the circumstances around. Yes there are times you just get so tempted to do the wrong in other to get what you desire, but then that “you” in you won’t let you. I mean surely you might say it was because of the circumstances at hand……there was nothing I could do…….of course there was something you could do! Stay true to yourself, and be the “you” that you are, ignore all temptation and lure. Obviously even the universe have a say in your actions…..The universe itself has a positive and negative force, and you get to choose which one of these thrives in you.


My personality

I am that vessel. That vessel that strives to be unto honor. I try to live up to the expectations of the people who have built me up.

I dream big even when reality opposes.
Happiness is a virtue I don't hide
Sadness is an emotion I express
Emotions are inevitably and constantly displayed with me.
I most times get misunderstood Even when I have the purest intentions.

I choose not to believe how people say the world works, because I just wanna find out myself.

Not everyone likes me, but not everyone is part of my journey of life
To some I'm a snub and a proud bitch....but if only they could look a little closer and get to know me better
I'm actually a sweet ass humble soul....
On a normal day, I am usually not the most  serious person you'll come across 😂
Funny and open minded, caring and friendly.
With God as my fuel giver, I am different in the most weirdest way.
But that's me🙂