once upon a time a king was born in Bethlehem
in a manger he laid pure clean sinless and innocent
the savior of the world he is yet came through a common Man…..born by a Virgin
he is of the holy spirit but came as a mortal man
what a perfect disguise, wrapped in swaddling clothes, like a lamb laid in a manger, the most high God came in the most humble way.
an ever reigning celebrity yet humble as a servant.
like fire the news of his birth spread through…..
Wise Men from the East came to offer their gifts of royalty worship and mortality.
shepherds came to sing praises for a Savior was born
born to save mortal men from doom…..
he is and forever will be the most trending celebrity because his fame never dies
and once again this day we sing……
Christ is born in Bethlehem!!


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