Nothing can be more worthy than guarding the virtues of our life. Nothing can be more dearer to us than our dreams “why we are here”. The goal should be to fly flags of joy. To sail a yacht powered by the breeze of love, with compassion in the air. To let heaven- on- earth be our destination.

Of things that will blot out our "treasures"
Anger invariable,
Anger is a thief,
Anger spreads calamity,
Anger raids us of our treasure box.

What causes anger??

Our perception of negativity,
Our constant ponder on things that do not bring joy to us, rather causes us to be troubled.
What goes on in our minds goes a long way in predicting our feelings.
As the popular saying goes....."as you think, so you feel".
The best antidote for life is to control what goes on in our minds.

Anger spreads toxic fumes. We should be pleased to spread love wherever we find ourselves, because where there is love, there peace will be.


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